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Weidner, Matt Blog - From Matt's blog, "Pro Se Homeowner Wins Appeal On Post Dated Assignment!" here is a quote: "WOW! What an inspiration; there are probably tens of thousands of cases filed across this country before the Plaintiff managed to get the Assignment of Mortgage executed (or faked), and yet such post-filing assignments form the basis for foreclosure judgments. Great job to this Pro Se Warrior, for getting this excellent outcome! This is one of my favorite opinions in a long, long time because it shows that our courts are not the exclusive domain of attorneys…" As the nonbar pro se1 "warrior" who won John R. Wilkenson vs. U.S. Dept. of Interior, et al, 634 FS 1265, as an expression of gratitude for Weidner's pro-se-friendly attitude, your humble webmaster is proud to award him with a free advertising banner. Way to go, Matt!

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1. NOTE: Although I started out alone in state court, through aggressive political action, I was able to persuade the Mesa County Commissioners to join the lawsuit. As a result, the local political manipulators financially destroyed the one county commissioner most responsible for the board joining my suit by using Colorado's corrupt banking laws to "reassess the equity position" on his loan during the Exxon bust of the 1980s, and stole both my friend's 20+ employee plumbing supply business and his large mountain ranch in spite of the fact he had never been late with, or missed, a payment in his entire life. I was actually able to do what lawyers said couldn't be done: I stopped a criminal action with a 42 U.S.C. §1983 violation of civil rights action under the Ex Parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908) equity exception. This strategy would not work today because of the corrupt and prima facie UNconstitutional (de facto unequal access to the courts, and de facto unequal protection of law) so-called "Rooker-Feldman Doctrine" cooked up by the federal courts to prevent nonbar pro ses from doing exactly what I did. AS IF the U.S. Supreme Court would ever actually agree to hear a case like mine from a nonbar pro se litigant! Furthermore, my original state case, which I should have won by default when the feds didn't appear in court after being duly served summons, was removed to the federal court by the feds themselves. So, having removed the case to federal court, how could the feds turn around and say the federal district court lacked jurisdiction under Rooker-Feldman to hear the case at all. By removing the case, the feds waived their right to contest jurisdiction, unless 42 U.S.C. §1983 and Ex Parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908) are to be rendered meaningless under the facts of the case. If that were true, then the U.S. Constitution is meaningless and it's time for a shooting Civil War ver 2.0. In lieu of such extreme and scary action, I prefer to offer my suggestion as to a proposed amendment to the federal constitution to settle America's corrupt judiciaries' arrogant and paternalistic hash.