Allen Brothers - The Great Steakhouse Steaks (USDA Prime) - "America’s legendary steakhouses and finest restaurants rely on us" - "All of our products can be used with crawfish, shrimp, crabs, low country boils, and most anything else you would want to cook in them."

Bragg Live Foods - @patriciabragg - - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Certified* Organic, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinaigrette -- 12oz. bottle, $6.49 - @patriciabragg - The Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Rejuvenation - Patricia Bragg Wikipedia - Paul Bragg Wikipedia

Broadleaf Game Meats - "Global Purveyor Of Specialty and Exotic Meats."

Charleston Seafood - "The World's Finest Seafood Shipped to You Overnight™"

Chesapeak Crab Connection - "Fresh Maryland Blue Crabs shipped to your doorstep!"

D'Artagnan - "Celebrating 25 years of delivering the world's finest natural and organic meats to four-star chefs and home gourmets alike."

Eggology - "Eggology egg whites are 100% pure, pasteurized, organic, fresh, kosher, USDA approved- nature's #1 source of pure, natural protein. From pro-athletes to bodybuilders, gourmet chefs to kitchen cooks, Eggology's lquid egg whites are a must-have in every kitchen."

(The) Fresh Lobster Company - "Decorative Seafood Gift Packages Shipped Overnight For That Special Occasion To Friends, Family & Business Associates."

Grass Fed Traditions - "Grass-Fed Traditions is committed to providing meat and dairy products produced by family farms with animals that graze on pasture. We offer you North American grass-fed bison, Galloway grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry raised on pasture and Cocofeed, and some of the finest butter and cheese made from the milk of grass-fed cows. Shipping available to all 50 states."

Great Alaska Seafood - "No other shellfish in the world projects a more elegant image on your table."

Kansas City Food Circle - "Connecting eaters with local growers . . . Developing a Local Sustainable Food System, Supporting Your Local Farmer, Providing Good Food."

King Crab & Alaska King Crab Recipes - "Read and post comments about Alaskan Seafood & King Crab at the Alaskan King Crab Blog."

Lobel's of New York - "Lobel’s of New York is the best source for the finest and freshest USDA prime dry-aged steaks, roasts, specialty meats, and gourmet products that money can buy." Check out their butcher shop!

Lobster Gram - "The world's best Lobster, Steak, and More!"

Maryland Blue Crab Express - "Fresh Maryland Blue Crabs delivered to your doorstep . . . overnight!"

My Butcher - " is dedicated to providing customers the best value, service, and especially quality! We have the experience required to make sure your gift, special occasion, or other event will be completely successful. Guaranteed."

Patriot Lobster - "Your Direct Source For Live Lobster!"

Purcell Mountain Farms - "Dried Beans, Lentils, Exotic Rice, Grains, Flour, Chiles and more"

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats - "Rocky Mountain Organic Meats offers the finest Certified Organic meats in the country."

Strauss Veal & Lamb - "When you choose Strauss Free Raised, you accept nothing less than what nature gives. That's our pledge from our family to you!"

VitalChoice Wild Seafood & Organics - "Vital Choice is a trusted source for fast home delivery of the world’s finest wild Alaskan seafood and organic fare, harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms."


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Alida's Fruits - "Bringing you the best Colorado Jams, Jellies, Syrups, Palisade Peaches and Chocolate Dipped Fruits!" - "Farmer Bob" and Alida Helmer (970) 434-8769 Alida's YouTube & Alida's FaceBook - Video Introduction

Aloha Organic Fruit - 3525 G Road Palisade, CO 81526 - Facebook - Video Introduction - Daily Sentinel video

Bar 7 Natural Beef - "From our pastures to your plate" - Paul and Shannon Sheridan Meeker (970) 878-5080 or (970) 367-6040

Chalab Ez - Taneil Lawton, PO Box 399, Fruita, CO, 81521 - "We are located between Grand Junction and Fruita between 22 and 23 road just North of L road (you will need directions to actually get to the barn)." - See also (scroll down page)

Carlson Vineyards - 461 35 Road, Palisade, CO 81526 (888) 464-5554, (970) 464-5554, fax (970) 464-5542

Circle A Garden CSA - 20341 Pahgre Road, Montrose, CO - Phone:

Closer To Heaven Farm - Hotchkiss, 12130 Payne Siding Road - Paul Chenault 970-835-4050

Desert Weyr - Paonia, 16870 Garvin Mesa Road

Ela Family Farms - Hotchkiss, 30753 L Road - Phone: 970-872-3488 - Facebook

Field To Fork CSA - Scott and Jessica Washkowiak, P.O. Box 301, Palisade, Colorado - 970-216-2642, 970-773-8882

Grand Junction Wineries & Vineyards - "Grand Junction and the surrounding communities are home to nearly half of all wineries and vineyards in the state of Colorado. "

Grand River Vineyards - Grande River Vineyards, 787 Elberta Ave., P.O. Box 129, Palisade CO 81526, Phone - 970-464-5867, Toll-Free 1-800 CO GROWN (264-7696), FAX - 970-464-5427

Indian Ridge Farm & Bakery - Norwood, 1400 County Road 43ZN

Palisade Organic Hops Farm - email us - 3607 G Road, Palisade, CO 81526 - Mail: PO Box 277, Mesa CO 81643

Palisade Wine Links - email us

Pear Blossom Farms - Palisade, 3376 C Road

Rancho Durazno - Palisade, 3940 G 2/10 Road

Ronniger Potato Farm - 12101 2135 Road, Austin, CO 81410

Sustainable Settings - 6107 Highway 133, Carbondale, Colorado 81623 - Phone: 970-963-6107 Email:

Talbot Farms Mountain Gold - 3782 F 1/4 Road Palisade, CO 81526 - (970)464-5943

Thistle Whistle Farm CSA - Phone: 970-623-5015 Address: 10872 3500 Rd, Hotchkiss Colorado 81419 - Email: - Facebook

Two Rivers Winery - 2087 Broadway, Grand Junction, Colorado 81507, 866-312-WINE (9463), or 970-255-1471 Fax: 970-255-0483

Whitewater Hill Vineyards - Whitewater Hill, 220 32 RD, Grand Junction CO 81503, (970) 434-6868,

Willmarth Family Farm, (scroll down page) - Ralph & Lori Wilmarth - 1515 M 3/8 Rd., Loma, CO 81524 - Phone: 970-858-8669
Email: - Milk shares, beef, eggs