NOTE: These are some of my favorite musicians. The list is far from complete, and will be regularly added to, as various musicians I like and respect cross my mind. Remember, not all great musicians have good websites. Please feel free to contact me and make suggestions as to names you think should be on the list. ~ Your humble webmaster

Adam, Margie - Piano, Singer, Songwriter

Ali Akbar Khan - Sarod Virtuoso - The late concert violinist, the great Yehudi Menuhin, called Ali Akbar Khan, "An absolute genius...the greatest musician in the world," and many have considered him the "Indian Johann Sebastian Bach."

Altan - Fiddle

Angor, Darol - Fiddle

Andress, Tuck & Patti Cathcart - Guitar (Tuck) & Vocals (Patti)

Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camps - Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Auldridge, Mike - Dobro

Baez, Joan - Folksinger 

Baldassari, Butch - Mandolin 

Barton, Rachel - Violin

Barenberg, Russ - Guitar 

Berline, Byron - DoubleStop FiddleShop & MusicHall

Bish, Diane - The Joy of Music 

Boyd, Liona - Classical Guitar

Breatnach, Maire - Fiddle (Irish)

Browne, Jackson

Bush, Sam - Fiddle, Mandolin

Carlini, John - Guitar

Carroll, Liz - Fiddle -  John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, leading exponents of the Piedmont Blues

Chieftains, The - Traditional Irish music

Christian, Charlie - Jazz Guitar Great (1916 - 1942)

Clements, Vassar - Legendary Fiddler (1928-2005)

Crary, Dan - Guitar

Dervish - Irish band

Douglas, Jerry - Dobro

Doyle, John - Guitar, Irish Music

Duignan, Eoin - Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistles

Dylan, Bob

Elliott, Grandpa - Somebody out there in cyberspace make this wonderful New Orleans street musician his own website and a DVD or two, for cryin' out loud! For other videos, click here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here,  and here, and here

Fisk, Elliot - Classical Guitar

Fleck, Béla - Banjo (The Flecktones)

Gadd, Pam 

Galbraith, Paul - Classical Guitar

Galway, Sir James - Flute 

Gambetta, Beppe - Guitar

Gaudreau, Jimmy - Mandolin 

Gimble, Johnny - Swing Fiddler

Grier, David - Guitar

Grietzer, Hope - Fiddle - "Happy Hollow Music"

Griffith, Nancy -  Singer, Songwriter

Grisman, David - Mandolin

Guthrie, Arlo - Folksinger

Guthrie, Arlo - Rising Son Records 

Guy, Buddy - Blues Guitar, called by Eric Clapton "the best guitar player in the world."

Hambly, Grainne - Harp (Irish)

Holt, David - "Music and Stories From the Appalachian Mountains"

Horn, Paul - Flute

Hornsby, Bruce - Piano, Songwriter 

Huttlinger, Pete - Guitar

Ian, Janis - Folksinger, Songwriter

Isbin, Sharon - Classical Guitar

Jacoby, J'Anna - Violin, Guitar, Mandolin

Jarvis, John Barlow - Piano

Jones, Nora - Piano, Singer, Songwriter 

Kaufman, Steve - Guitar - Three Time Winner of the National Flatpicking Championships

Keane, Seán - Fiddle (the Chieftains) - Probably the best Irish fiddler I've ever heard.

Knopfler, Mark - Guitar (Dire Straits)

Kottke, Leo - Guitar

Krauss, Alison - Fiddle, Singer, Songwriter 

Kvinge, Frank - Guitar

Leary, "Washboard Chaz" - "Have Groove, Will Travel!" 

Lee, Albert - Guitar - My favorite country guitarist - Five times consecutive winner of Guitar Player magazine's "Best Country Guitarist"

Lindley, David - Guitar

Lovette, Lyle - Songwriter Extraordinaire 

Ludiker, Tony - Five time Grand Chamption and three time runner-up at the annual National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest in Weiser, Idaho

Mabrey, Lloyd - "Do Your Best"

Mabus, Joel - Multi-Instrumentalist, Folksinger, Songwriter 

MacMaster, Natalie - Mark O'Connor's favorite fiddler

Mah, Andrew - Classical Guitar

Mair, Marilynn - Classical Mandolin

Malmsteen, Yngwie - Guitar - Yngwie is my favorite guitar athlete/shredder because his shredding sounds classical, like Bach!

Malvey, John - Guitar, Composer

Marshall, Evan - The fastest mandolin player in the world, according to David Grisman

Mason, Molly & Jay Unger

McCallister, Gary Loren Flaming Moth Productions

McNamara, Brian -& Uilleann Pipes

Meyer, Edgar - Double Bass - Hailed by the New Yorker as, "...the most remarkable virtuoso in the relatively unchronicled history of his instrument..."

Moore, John - Multi-Instrumentalist, Horse Whisperer ("Communication from the horse's point of view")

Moore, Tiny (R.I.P.) - "A member of Bob Wills' Texas Playboys, Moore was a pioneering electric mandolinist." "Around 1952 . . . Tiny acquired a 5-string, single-course, solidbody instrument built by Paul Bigsby. Later he became associated with a maker named Jay Roberts, who built copies of the Bigsby."

Ní Mhaonaigh, Mairéad - Irish fiddler, singer (Altan)

O'Brien, Mollie

O'Brien, Tim - Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter

O Canainn, Tomas - Uilleann Pipes

O'Connor, Gerald - Irish Banjo & Fiddle

O'Connor, Mark - Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin

O'Sullivan, Jerry - Uilleann Pipes

Parkening, Christopher - Classical Guitar

Pena, Paco - Guitar (flamenco) 

Peter, Paul & Mary

Phoenix Rising (Kathy Boyd &) - Your humble webmaster's first cousin-in-law, Tim Crosby, plays fiddle and mandolin in this band.

Pizzarelli, John - Guitar, Vocalist, Bandleader

Provenza, Charlie - Mandolin

Raitt, Bonnie

Raley, Leo - Possibly the first professional musician to record with an electric mandolin . . . It was Raley's playing that first inspired Tiny Moore to pick up the electric mandolin.

Reinhardt, Django - Jazz Guitar Legend (1910 - 1953) 

Rice, Tony - Guitar

Riessen, Casey D. - Fiddle

Roderick, Judy - 1942 - January 22, 1992

Salerno-Sonnenberg, Nadja - Classical violinist

Satriani, Joe - Guitar

Seeger, Mike

Seeger, Peggy

Seeger, Pete - Appreciation Page

Shadd, Allen - He won the Winfield National Flatpicking Championship, the Kaufman guitar camp competition and the Doc Watson International guitar competition at Merefest, all in a 12-month period in 1997-8.

Shankar, Anoushka - Sitar Virtuoso

Shanker, Ravi - Anoushka's Father, Legendary Sitarist, Composer, India's most esteemed musical Ambassador 

Skaggs, Ricky - Skaggs Family Records

Smith, Kenny & Amanda - Bluegrass Gospel

Smothers Brothers

Statman, Andy - Mandolin, Clarinet (show tunes, klezmer, classics) 

Stierneberg, Don - Mandolin

Stuart, Marty

Taylor, James

Taylor, Martin - Guitar

Taylor, Tut - Dobro

Thompson, Richard - Guitar

Tuck & Patti - Tuck Andress, guitar, Patti Cathcart, singer

Traum, Artie - April 3, 1943 - July 20, 2008

Traum, Happy - Founder of Homespun Music Instruction, "Your Learning Connection"

Tröster, Michael - Classical Guitar

Ungar, Jay & Molly Mason

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan - Sarod Virtuoso

Vai, Steve - Guitar

VanCleve, Jim - Fiddle (Bluegrass)

Vignola, Frank - Guitar

Washboard Chaz - "Have Groove, Will Travel"

Watson, Doc - Guitar 

Welch, Gillian

Wernick, Pete - Dr. Banjo 

Weyhofen, Gertrud - Classical Mandolin 

Wood, Jim & Inge

Young, Jesse Colin