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Follow AbleGoodman on TwitterAccording to the Holy Scriptures of a certain wannabe-rich young ruler (of quasi-patrician upbringing) named Jonah Goldberg — presumably a neo-con-ish, atheistic, secular, Caiaphas, kingdom-of-man, statist Jew, as contrasted with Jesus-following (Christian), anti-statist, Kingdom-of-God, real Jews — “First God created pepper-jack cheese, hard pretzels, and beer. And he said, ‘These are good.’ But God decided that others should appreciate his creations so he created the universe and then Earth and man and the Light with which man could eventually see the pepper-jack cheese and beer. Later man discovered fire….animal husbandry….then came the Peloponnesian Wars….crop rotation….dwarf tossing….and National Review….”

Now, I thought that was so dang funny that, after chuckling for half an hour, I decided, at least for now, to “borrow” it from Jonah (giving him full and proper credit, of course) to use here.

But let’s fast-forward from the creation of the greater universe to the hoi polloi birth of John Raymond Wilkenson, humble under-achieving under-dog denizen of an undistinguished speck of soil and water therein.

With Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, I say, “My name, like yours, is truth-seeker. My mission is written in these words of the law: Speak without hatred and without fear; tell that which thou knowest!” With H.L. Mencken, “I believe that it is better to tell the truth than to lie. I believe that it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe that it is better to know than be ignorant." With Horace Mann, I say, "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity" And with Auberon Herbert, I ask, “By what right do men exercise power over each other?”

The bottom-line answer to Herbert’s life-or-death (see De 30:19) question is: none. There is no moral right for men to exercise power over each other, whether the power is deception-based, physical-strength-based, or both. After sifting through all the immense tangled mass of pseudointellectual talking-point sophistry, so-called “right/conservative/theiststatist and the so-called “left/liberal/atheiststatist are equally incorrect in their anti-individual statism.

The theist tyrant-minded statist says, “God has ordained the existence of the State, and God wants that I should be king, that you should obey me, that all you have belongs to me, and that I have the absolute divine right of kings to take at whim whatever I want that belongs to you.”

The atheist tyrant-minded statist says, “Life is ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short’ without the State, there is no god, therefore there is no moral or ethical code for human behavior which transcends the collective human (the herd) opinion or power, therefore the law is whatever I say it is, therefore I have the absolute divine right of kings to take at whim whatever I want that belongs to you.”

Although the "left" pretends otherwise, both “right” and “leftstatists sincerely believe they have the absolute God-given divine right of kings to take at whim whatever they want that belongs to you, albeit with different talking points and slogans. This is true because, historically speaking, only every two hundred to five hundred years do the frightened huddled masses summon the courage to use self-defensive violence to overthrow the manipulative tyrants who enslave their minds. When they do, it’s called “revolution,” and because, as Jefferson said, men tend to suffer evils while those evils are sufferable, it is extremely rare.

The “Divine Right of Kings” is a political theory, both “secular” and “religious,” of absolutism. It asserts that a monarch derives his right to rule from the will of God, and not from any temporal authority, including the will of his subjects, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm. The theist version of the doctrine implies that any attempt to depose the King or to restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God. The atheist version of the doctrine implies that any attempt to eliminate the State or to restrict its powers runs contrary to the will of “the people.” As can be easily seen, the “theist/religious” version and the “atheist/secular” version are identical. Ergo, the concept of “separation of church and state,” which, contrary to “leftist” propaganda is nowhere in the U.S. Constitution, is a blatant spiritual and intellectual fraud. The “church” and the “state” are both “political” entities, complete with the same deception-based “politicalshamanism and rituals.

I was born in Grand Junction, Colorado, on August 31, 1944. My parents were WASP missionaries to South Africa, where, with the support of TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) they ran a free dental clinic in the beautiful town of Vryheid, in the province of Natal, and helped build several churches and schools.

My earliest memories are of lying on my back on an operating table being given ether for an imminent tonsillectomy at age two, and living on a dairy farm, which my parents rented and operated, without much financial success, until departing on their mission to Africa.

I am what I like to call a REAL Christian. I also consider myself a REAL anti-state Jesus JewJesus said I am his brother (Mt 12:50, Mk 3:35, see also Ro 8:14) — as contrasted with all the zillions of Caiaphas government Jews. More specifically, I consider myself a 1 Sa 8:5-20; Jg 8:22-23; Jg 9; Ps 118:8-9; Ps 146:3; Jer 17:5; Mt 17:24-27; Acts 5:29; Ga 5:1,14,18-23, Php 3:20, 2 Tim 3:5 (as those verses are generally ignored by government churches) kingship-of-God, disciple-of-Christ, anti-statist Christian, as spiritually/morally/intellectually distinguished from Pr 8:15; Ro 13:1; 1 Tim 2:1-2, Tit 3:1; Heb 13:17 (compare Amplified and King James); 1 Pe 2:13-14; 2 Pe 2:10 (as those verses are generally misinterpreted by government churches) kingship-of-man, consumer/client, nominal, so-called “Sunday”, 26USC501(c)(3) government-church statist Christians. Some folks might call me an “Anarcho-Christian.” I don’t consider myself exactly a "libertarian," per se, because the Libertarian Party seems to lack an articulable logic-based moral foundation I deem absolutely essential for the happiness of the human spirit. I do, however, greatly admire many of the so-called "classic liberal" ideas, as set forth by John Stuart Mill in his essay, "On Liberty."

I am a free speech absolutist. I believe in the causes of liberty, individualism, voluntarism, the free marketplace of ideas and the free market of commodities and services. I believe that every creature in the universe has the absolute indisputable inherent right to try to preserve its existence/life by defending itself from attacks by other creatures. I believe in the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, as set forth in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I believe humans have three main problems. The first I call “the Infinity Glitch.” We can’t comprehend infinity. Oh, we can recognize and draw the symbol, and we can even semi-grasp the idea, but we can't assimilate it, feel it, and thoroughly UNDERSTAND it and be at peace with it in our gut. The same brain that can’t accept the ideas of no beginning and no end, once it has put a neat white picket fence around the universe, is the first in line to want to know what’s on the other side of the fence that supposedly now marks the end of the universe. The Infinity Glitch can drive the human mind crazy if we let it. I like to believe that’s what happened to Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, a truly bright mind — but not bright enough to keep from driving itself crazy.

The second problem is the inherent unworkability of the "mind-of-A-controlling-the-body-of-B" paradigm, which I call the "Government Glitch." The reality-based definition of the word is: “Government” = person or group A coercing (via a “legal” monopoly on violence and terrorism) person or group B to obey the will of A on pain of loss of life, liberty, and property. "501(c)(3) Church" = political pecking order organized to brainwash individuals into believing the lies that the theivery and murder perpetrated by "government" are the "will of God."  The reason “government” does not, indeed cannot, work is because when the mind of A is allowed to control the body (physical labor) of B, there is no end to the wants, demands, and expectations of A’s mind. If “in Power,” A’s wants, demands, and expectations are not restricted by the reality-based physical limitations of A’s body to produce all those wants, demands, and expectations for itself. If not “in Power,” then A’s wants, demands, and expectations are restricted by the reality-based physical limitations of A’s body to produce all those wants, demands, and expectations for itself. This fact is why self-sufficiency is vastly preferable to interdependency as both a virtue and a political theory. It is also the reason why, in the long run, no economy can function unless it is composed of willing buyers and willing sellers in a free market.

The third problem is economics-based. I call it the "Producer-Consumer Glitch." The way to identify and define a liar is if he disagrees with this absolute self-evident fact and statement: every single one of us, as an individual, wants to get paid as much as possible for his own labor and products, while simultaneously paying as little as possible (cheap is good, free is better) for the labor and products of “the other guy.” For some reason, we perceive the physical effort (aka “work”) required in the material plane to provide food, clothing and shelter for our robes of flesh (aka “bodies”) as pain to be avoided if possible.

Thanks to the suicidally stupid, inherently evil, inevitably corrupting, seemingly never-ending pecking order struggle of the human species, we seem to have the nasty collective habit of complicating, organizing, manipulating, institutionalizing and “culturizing” these three simple, self-evident, empirically observable facts/”glitches” into an unimaginably tangled and huge globalized mass of wars, genocides, famines, deprivation, pain, suffering, sorrow, and general amorphous evil.

I believe words such as “religion” and “secular” are deliberately unspecific spiritual and intellectual frauds. I believe “religion” = “world view” = how you think the universe around us in fact actually functions. I believe “truth” = all existence, all reality, past, present and future. I believe truth is not something humans speak. I believe words — which, if properly created and used with specificity, are units of measurement for human ideas, useful for acquiring and sharing knowledge of existence/reality — are what humans speak.

I believe Jesus of Nazareth was an — what the evil legal profession culture has long referred to with the deception-based euphemism — "anarchist." I agree 100% with the 1887 words of Princeton Professor A.A. Hodge, who said in effect: The deception-based State “is the most appalling enginery for the propagation of anti-Christian and atheistic unbelief, and of anti-social nihilistic ethics, individual, social and political, which this sin-rent world has ever seen.” I believe the deception-based State engages in more theft, murder, and kidnapping than any other group of humans, including the stupid so-called “blue-collar” criminals from which the State promises to protect us. I believe the deception-based State is, without remotely close competition, the greatest con artist, thief, terrorist and mass murderer on Earth. I believe the bureaucratic violence of the State depersonalizes all of our lives and fatally stunts the spiritual and intellectual potential of every individual who believes in it and trusts it. I believe REAL ChristianGolden Rule” living becomes all but impossible in the face of "the banality of evil" (a phrase credited to Hannah Arendt) which any State by definition creates and promotes.

I believe that there is no such real, material, corporeal thing as “government” or “the State.” I believe that “government” and “state” are nothing more or less than ancient consciously strategic deception-based euphemisms for the dominant members (aka “leaders”) of the suicidally stupid, inherently evil, inevitably corrupting, seemingly never-ending human pecking order struggle. I believe the deception-based euphemisms, “government” and “state” were specifically designed as engines to allow clever amoral elitist (pro-defacto-aristocracy) parasitic individuals to steal the labor and products of simple salt-of-the-earth individuals by means of a collectivist redistributionist system of institutionalized and “culturized” deception so complex and subtle that the working class proletarian, plebian hoi polloi, indeed, even most of the bourgeoisie and petit bourgeoisie are not motivated to put forth the intellectual effort to fully understand it. All that most people know, "left" and "right" alike, "religious" and "secular" alike, is that they sense something is radically wrong (there is a huge disturbance in the Force), and that 75% of the people despise the dinosaur "establishment" media, politicians, and the legal profession culture. Oh yes, and about the same percentage believe that the bullet which killed JFK came from the front, per the Zapruder film, not from above and behind out of the lone rifle of Lee Harvey Oswald, per the Warren Commission's propaganda.

At this point, it seems I should insert, out of chronological order, a one-paragraph synopsis of how I came by my anti-statist world view. I am fascinated by words and writing. I got that way by getting into a disagreement with various government bureaucrats (see "Colorado A Classic Western Quarrel: A History of the Road Controversy at Colorado National Monument", by Lisa Schoch-Roberts, daughter of then-CNM chief ranger, Hank Schoch) which necessitated the reading and studying court rules of procedure and countless U.S. Supreme Court opinions. I studied the law fanatically five days a week from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., for two years, often digressing for weeks into areas of the law (and, therefore, the mechanics of society) which were completely irrelevant to my case, but which I found wonderfully intriguing. Mirabile dictu! The chronic-under-achieving “B” student had changed his stinking intellectually lazy little life and managed to get an excellent civics education in the process! The result of all my reading and thinking was that I won an unprecedented full blown federal trial with over 200 exhibits, see John R. Wilkenson vs. U.S. Dept. of Interior, et al., 634 FS 1265, the longest (18 pages), winningest nonbar pro se decision I know of. Having finally acquired a sincere thirst for knowledge and an enthusiasm for reading, as well as a sincere distrust and dislike for “government,” I subsequently read many other works by brilliant minds such as the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Samuel Rutherford, Ludwig von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, J.R.R.Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, H.L. Mencken, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, William Godwin, Mikhail Bakunin, Emma Goldman, Ralph Borsodi, and far too many more to name in this digressing paragraph.

Under social circumstances, I was once asked by a chief judge, whose tone of amazement seemed sincere, "Where do you get the time to think so much about all these things?" I couldn't think of a better answer on the spur of the moment than, "I have always hated injustice, so I never thought about how much time it takes to try to understand it. I've always just worked at understanding it completely so I could be more effective at destroying it. It has always seemed the right and natural thing to do." Out of the mouths of babes! It really is the natural thing to do. Anyone and everyone can do it. This website proves that.

I'm quite positive I'm nothing special. I come from what today would be called a dysfunctional family, whatever that is supposed to mean. I am the oldest of five children, three boys and two girls. No doubt my childhood was a little tougher than some and a lot easier than some. I suffered some minor injustices at the hands of parents, teachers and school mates which, by today's “touchy-feelysocialistic standards, would probably be called "abuse," but I survived intact with a knowledge of right and wrong, and of how to work. That is more than can be said for many of today's crop of youngsters.

It might be cathartic, perhaps even fun, to sit and whine in detail about every little blow that ever wounded my ego or knocked my spirit down, but it would only distract from the purpose and message of this website. It is useful to include just enough of my personal history for the reader to understand how this website came to be.

As noted earlier, my now-deceased parents spent four years in South Africa in the town of Vryheid in the province of Natal as missionaries, doing dental work, building schools and churches, and occasionally preaching. My father, who never entirely understood injustice, decided to leave the mission field after four years because of what he perceived to be corruption in the mission establishment. Apparently some "missionaries" view cheating natives as "smart business."

The experience was invaluable to me because I got to see apartheid first hand. Being between the ages of six and ten, of course, I didn't understand what I was looking at. I only knew we had two maids, Josephina and Miriam, and a gardener, Maxwell. They were really nice. My understanding is we paid them double what they could have gotten working for "unChristian" non-missionary whites or Indian South Africans. My social consciousness had not yet bloomed into full awareness. I was unaware of the evil that is apartheid.

Back home in the good old U S of A, I was becoming more and more aware of the corruption in the church, and the hypocrisy of many of its members. I cruised through high school, underachieving like crazy and not having a clue as to why. I finally came face to face with hypocrisy and injustice in college. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of immature tyrannical jerks for professors.

During the second quarter of my freshman year, I came to understand that the point of government (aka “public”) education — "compulsory education" per se is an oxymoron because all learning is voluntary — is not for the student to learn the subject matter. It is for the student to learn to do as he is told by his statist professor/god. So I changed majors from engineering to history and music, and graduated from Mesa Junior College, which was derisively referred to by the student underground at the time as "North Avenue University (NAU)", and has since expanded/morphed into Colorado Mesa University. Being the sad directionless salt I was at the time, if it had been a university at the time I attended, I probably would have graduated from there as well.

Having gained the knowledge necessary to write the book (Common Sense) contained on this website — and, as Rush Limbaugh (a so-called "conservative" talk-radio star) noted in The Way Things Ought To Be, writing a book is a lot of work — I have only feelings of disgust for a few of my former professors. They were not truth seekers at all. They were not even intellectually honest. They were little more than tyrannical small-minded burger flippers in a fast-food government "education" chain.

However, I am grateful to one of my teachers, my political science professor, Morton Perry, who recommended that I read a book which led to a major change in my understanding of the moral order of the universe. At one point, Mr. Perry, who I think recognized me as a “true believer,” invited me to his home for supper, and fed gourmet lamb stew to a country bumpkin who had never eaten much of anything but ground beef and chicken. The book Mr. Perry recommended —my personal light on the road to Damascus—which forever set the course of my fate as an indomitable truth-seeker, was The Life and Death of Sacco and Vanzetti, by Eugene Lyons. I've done quite a bit of soul searching ever since I read the story of Nichola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. I was both puzzled and deeply troubled by the fact two innocent men were murdered on orders of a judge via what was alleged by government at the time to have been "due process of law," and the fact the conspiracy to commit and/or cover up the judicial murders involved the establishment press and numerous such "luminaries" as the governor of Massachusetts the presidents of Harvard and MIT. Sacco's and Vanzetti's only "crimes" were their outspoken political beliefs questioning the authority of government. Judge Webster Thayer's orders were carried out by electrocution on August 23, 1927.

There was a huge public outcry at the time—much as there was more recently with the murdered "Davidian" children in Waco—so governor Alvan T. Fuller appointed an advisory committee (which included the presidents of Harvard and MIT) to diffuse accountability for the politically motivated judicial murder by declaring the trial to be "fair." As previously inferred, we have a modern example of this kind of cover-up garbage in the Warren Commission liars declaring Lee Harvey Oswald to be the "lone assassin" of President John F. Kennedy.

I found it fascinating that famous anarchist and writer, Emma Goldman, was also motivated by judicial murder, that is, a judge committing murder by the corrupt way he manipulated a trial and intentionally sentencing men to death he knew to be innocent.

On May 3, 1886, in Chicago, there was a clash between strikers and police during which the police opened fire. One striker was killed and several strikers and policemen were wounded.

On the following day, May 4, a meeting was held at which radical socialist August Spies (editor of Arbeiter-Zeitung) was invited to speak. The meeting had almost concluded peacefully when someone threw a bomb, killing one policeman and injuring more than sixty people. A melee ensued, in which six policemen were killed and many people injured. The incident is known in history as the Haymarket Square Riot. The reaction of the establishment was furiously vindictive. The establishment media manipulated public opinion in a manner only now, decades later, is a substantial percentage of the citizenry becoming aware of. Judge Joseph Easton Gary was selected to try eight innocent men (some anarchists and socialists among them) charged with being accessories before the fact to the murder of policeman Mathias J. Degan. August Spies, Albert Richard Parsons (anarchist and editor of The Alarm), Samuel J. Fielden, Michael Schwab, Adolph Fisher, George Engel, and Louis Lingg were condemned to death by hanging. Oscar Neebe was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Engel was not even at the meeting, but was at home with wife and friends at the time. Fisher had left the meeting before the bomb was thrown. There was virtually no evidence against any of the men. The judge told them they were being tried for being anarchists.

The convictions were upheld by the judicial murderers on the Illinois Supreme Court at the time. Spies, Parsons, Fischer, and Engel were murdered by hanging on November 11, 1887. Lingg committed suicide by exploding a small bomb in his mouth before he could be hung.

On June 26, 1893, Governor John Peter Altgeld declared the trial had been unfair and pardoned the remaining three victims (the death sentences of Fielden and Schwab had been previously commuted to life). Of course the governor's pardon was roundly condemned by the public-opinion-manipulating murderers in the establishment media at the time.

I was about twenty when I learned the truth about judges using the power of their office to murder people (and get away with it) in America. Until then, I was rabidly patriotic. The first James Bond movie had just come out. We were in the middle of the cold war. I wanted to learn Russian and go to Russia as a spy. I wanted to help kill "commies" for God and Country. Judges getting away with murdering people in a God-fearing liberty-and-justice-for-all country just didn't compute. Yet I somehow sensed it was true. And I wanted to know the truth, no matter what the cost. After all, I didn't care about my beliefs simply because they were my beliefs, I cared about them because I had been raised by parents, schools, and churches to believe they were true. And if my beliefs were somehow not true, I wanted to understand why, and know the truth.

I finished my college years and young adulthood claiming to be an agnostic. I was on the very verge of throwing out the baby with the bath water. I understood the injustice of my old beliefs and teachers all too well, but was still too naive and ignorant to be able to replace the lies with the truth. Had I actually thrown the baby out with the bath water, I probably would have stopped searching for the truth. Thank goodness, by God’s grace, I somehow didn't stop searching.

As previously mentioned out of chronological order, in the latter part of 1981 I had the wonderful good fortune to get involved in a disagreement with a couple of low-level bureaucrats in the National Park Service over whether or not I was legally obliged to pay a federal recreation fee before engaging in non-recreational travel between my home on Glade Park and the outside world. The only viable paved all-weather highway between the Glade Park area and the outside world just happened to pass the Southeast corner of the Colorado National Monument.

Being the stubborn crusader for truth and justice I seemed to naturally be, even though local lawyers said I would lose, I began to research the law, complete with legislative intent. When I first started, it seemed impossible. What I was looking for seemed to be either non-existent or indexed and catalogued in ways impossible for normal humans to figure out and utilize.

I had always considered myself to be a reasonably intelligent fellow, and a good reader, but when I started reading the seemingly page-long sentences contained in some court decisions, I found myself having to read some sentences several times to understand them. I would have to actually trace the lines and words with my finger. Gradually, as I researched, I came to read and comprehend legalese fluently. Little by hard-earned little, the legal system began to yield its shamanistic secrets.

What I had inadvertently started was simply a massive reading of the common law (judges' written decisions). Every case would lead to dozens of others — on the web, as you will see, each case is hyperlinked to dozens of others — and I would voraciously read them all until I thoroughly understood the legal theories and common-law "rules" involved. Fascinating legal points would be discussed that had absolutely no relationship to my case, but I would read them anyway and digress for hours or days into whole other areas of the law, like a thirsty horse sucking up water from a stream until his belly bulges. Even to me it sounds like an exaggeration, but I must have read hundreds of thousands of pages of "law" in the course of my self-education. Sometimes I would have forty or fifty books at a time open on the law library table I was sitting at. This was possible because professional lawyers almost never came there to study! When they did, I would put their books back for them because they never seemed to think they needed to. I think the library staff came to like me for my help in keeping the library relatively tidy.

An interesting thing happened. As I researched virtually every legal doctrine I found interesting back to it origins, I read Sir William Blackstone and Sir Edward Coke. I read decisions of ancient judges whose decisions were so far in the past they actually quoted scripture as the "legal" basis for their writings. As I witnessed, time and again, five bright minds arguing with four other bright minds, all using the same moral platitudes, legal axioms, famous quotes, and precedents to achieve exact moral opposites, I gradually came to understand that law itself is a political fraud. I gradually came to understand that the only REAL rule the autonomous legal profession has is “the judge can do whatever he wants.” When there is no answer at law, then, at the judge’s discretion, equity may be invoked.

The law has always been a one-way street, designed to be used by the ruling statist Powers to justify their crimes against their hapless subjects, but incapable of being used by the oppressed in any effective way against their oppressors. As a matter of official judicial policy, “government” never commits suicide. As Jesus and J.R.R. Tolkien tried to teach us, inherently evil and inevitably corrupting One-Ring Power only grows itself, and is its own end, Coercion-based human law, which purports to have its whole basis and justification for existence on great free-will-based moral principles (e.g. the Golden Rule [Lev 19:18; Mt 5:43; Mt 19:19; Mt 22:39: Mk 12:31], the Ten Commandments [Ex 20:3-17], etc.), is the exact polar opposite of what it pretends to be. It is a hologram, an illusion, a giant tapestry of hypnotic beauty spun out of tiny bits and pieces of truth and half-truth into a monstrous web of deceit and doom so finely woven by craftiness and subtlety that it's all but impossible to understand without a little help from a fellow spirit lucky enough to have escaped the clutches of its siren seductiveness.

Of course finding out most government officers and employees, especially those in positions of policy-making power, will lie if the truth is funnier was new to me, but real education came to me during the process of watching the intelligent and clever minds of appellate court judges and justices do intellectual battle with each other over conflicting philosophical, social, and economic agendas, skillfully using the same great legal "principles" and "doctrines" in attempting to support moral opposites. To a perceptive truth seeker, the "honorable" judges' arguments cut holes in each other's part of the web of deception and allowed rays of truth to shine through. After enough reading and enough rays of truth, pretty soon the Web of Darkness can no longer hold out the Light of Truth.

In digging for knowledge, you know when you've struck the truth, because it is irrefutable. A light goes on, and you say, "Ahhh! Now why didn't I see that before?!" Having come to understand how judicial murders happen and why government murderers like judges are never taken to task short of armed revolution, I set out to find a way to share the treasure of knowledge I had stumbled into. Technology has provided a way. Hence this website.

Though not the greatest deception, in and of itself, one of the very first problems encountered by any truth seeker or truth missionary is the problem of language. The elitist parasitic predator classes have adopted the nasty habit of using various words that can have exactly opposite meanings. Of course, if the same word means wet and dry, or light and dark, or freedom and slavery, that word is useless as a tool of honest communication. The widespread misuse of such opposite meaning words as god, law, government, money, property, etc. have caused misunderstandings — do they mean the individual owns himself, or do they mean the "state" (in reality other individuals) owns the individual? — in society so pervasive, so profound in magnitude, so subtle in nuance, so contagious in their mentally, physically, and spiritually debilitative characteristics, so incapable of precise articulation, yet so real in their destructive effects, and so spiritually tangible to perceptive truth seekers, I decided the best way to undo the brainwashing process was to begin by analyzing some of the predators' favorite words and ideas in individual essays. Perhaps in the process of demystifying a few special predator words and issues, some of the remaining derivative ideas and words not specifically addressed in this work will also be defogged by association in the mind of the truth seeker. At least that is my fervent hope.

On her fabulous website, Karen De Coster says, “Most often, LewRockwell.com is where I pen my material for the web. LRC, the premier libertarian site on the web, stresses paleolibertarianism as opposed to left-libertarianism or libertinism. Before I get folks asking for a definition of the paleo philosophy, what sets paleolibertarians apart from the rest of ‘em is their emphasis on cultural conservatism and the natural order. As Lew Rockwell states: ‘Paleolibertarianism holds with Lord Acton that liberty is the highest political end of man, and that all forms of government intervention--economic, cultural, social, international--amount to an attack on prosperity, morals, and bourgeois civilization itself, and thus must be opposed at all levels and without compromise. It is "paleo" because of its genesis in the work of Murray N. Rothbard and his predecessors, including Ludwig von Mises, Albert Jay Nock, Garet Garrett, and the entire interwar Old Right that opposed the New Deal and favored the Old Republic of property rights, freedom of association, and radical political decentralization. Just as important, paleolibertarianism predates the politicization of libertarianism that began in the 1980s, when large institutions moved to Washington [D.C.] and began to use the language of liberty as part of a grab bag of "policy options." Instead of principle, the neo-libertarians give us political alliances; instead of intellectually robust ideas, they give us marketable platitudes. What's more, paleolibertarianism distinguishes itself from left-libertarianism because it has made its peace with religion as the bedrock of liberty, property, and the natural order.’”

Yeh, I know, even otherwise bright people such as Karen De Coster and Lew Rockwell seem to insist on, and persist in, using the word “religion,” but by first defining the word “God” — God = the (Great I AM Spirit of) collective human desire for existence (life), significance (to be loved), self-ownership/self-determination (freedom), self-realization/fulfillment (purpose), and contentment (happiness and prosperity) — in such a way as to make communication possible between "theists" people and "atheists," I hope to illuminate most of the connecting dots as to why paleolibertarianism, not unlike classic liberalism, has “made its peace with religion as the bedrock of liberty, property, and the natural order.” I hope to prove to you, dear reader, exactly why a logic-based hope, a so-called “religious” world view, is indispensable to individual freedom and happiness. Using the assumption that God represents the individual (we are created self-owning, self-governing (= self-controlling) INDIVIDUALS in His image, see, e.g., Ge 1:26-27; Ro 8:29; 1 Co 15:48-49; 2 Co 4:4; Col 1:15; Col 3:10; He 1:3) — God is the Spirit of Truth/Existence/Reality (Joh 4:24), a self-owning, self-governing INDIVIDUAL not some groupthink socialist or ecclesiastical politician ("churches" are organizations, political pecking orders, just like "governments") — and “satan” represents the mindless coercion and "enslave the other guy, tax the other guy, and steal (Ex 20:15; Lev 19:35-36; Pr 11:1; Pr 16:11-12; Pr 21:6; Pr 22:16; Jer 17:11) his labor" lust of the herd, I hope to show you why I am an unswerving loyal follower of the brilliant Jesus, referred to by Albert Einstein as “the Luminous Nazarene.” I hope to persuade you of the truth of what I believe to be the REAL Gospel of Christ: that only REAL Christianity, anti-state Anarcho-Christianity, can bring both the individual instincts and the collective herd instincts of the human creature into perfect logic-based harmony. I believe that stupendous logic-based Christian hope (salvation from the never-ending hell of the human pecking-order struggle resulting in eternal life) is what Jesus was talking about when he said “I come not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it.” He paid the price for bringing the individual and group instinct of humankind into perfect harmony. Secular and ecclesiastical politicians murdered Jesus in retaliation for his ministry, and both secular and ecclesiasticalgovernments” have been reeling for 2000 years, frantically trying to lie away the simple healing truth about Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Nature’s Creator.

The fraudulent fear-based delusion that constitutes “government” thrives because unrepentent government children of hell refuse to stop trying to deceive, frighten, coerce, terrorize, torture, dominate and enslave one another. They doggedly refuse to stop competing for possession of the One Ring of political Power. They ignore the truth/reality that 1) "politics" = deception, 2) "political" = deception-based, 3) "politician" = deceiver, and "government" coercion/violence, and 4) “government” = person or group A coercing (via a “legal” monopoly on violence and terrorism) person or group B to obey the will of A on pain of loss of life, liberty, and property. In their blind greed and lust for power, they slavishly, even frantically, insist on competing for the “legal” monopoly on violence (public office) with which to steal and redistribute (mostly into their own pockets) one another’s labor (money) and products.

From the moment that one amazing Israelite, the Luminous Nazarene, the descendant of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David, as predicted by such giants as Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, after fasting for forty days, strode out of the desert as the Son of God, boldly proclaiming his Father's (the Creator’s) Gospel of Truth, the Kingdom of Heaven (see Mt  7:21, Mk 10:15, Mk 12:34, Lu 17:20-21, 1 Cor 6:9-10) was a dream no longer. It has since been daily sealed by the lifeblood of those who proclaimed it. And every one of us the government children of hell murder brings more people to our side. The government children of hell cannot enslave all our minds forever, and from the day of each individual’s voluntary change of heart, from the day of each individual’s conversion and regeneration, from the day of each individual’s acceptance of salvation (enlightenment), we must act as if the Kingdom of Heaven is a fact. We defeat “government” (aka the dominant pecking order members, the “state”) by ignoring it. We defeat the government children of hell by using technology to live in ways that make them irrelevant and redundant.

In the final analysis, neither theists (intelligent design — ID) nor atheists (random conglomeration of molecules — RCOM) can prove their case to the other beyond all argument. The fact is, many of the Founders, not coincidentally, were theists. And, also not coincidentally, so were many of the history’s most noteworthy scientists, such as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Boyle, Newton, Leibniz, Gassendi, Pascal, Mersenne, Cuvier, Harvey, Dalton, Faraday, Joule, Lyell, Lavoisier, Priestley, Kelvin, Ampere, Steno, Pasteur, Maxwell, Planck, Mendel, and Lemaitre (most were Christians), etc. Those individuals were actually educated!

So, let’s assume arguendo for a moment that both theism and atheism are fairy tales. In part under Pascal’s Wager, and in part because it makes me happy to not have to solve all the unknowns (e.g. the Infinity Glitch) of the universe, I consciously make a deliberate, fully-informed, logic-based decision to place my faith, hope and trust in the fairy tale with a happy ending, and whose empirically observable individual-based virtues and principles (e.g. Golden Rule) allow me to own my own mind, body and labor as a child of God , the Spirit of Truth, and spiritual brother of Jesus of Nazareth.

Hopefully, dear reader, you now understand what I consider to be true salvation — absolute logic-based certainty that it is utterly impossible for me to wrong my fellow man without automatically triggering the gravitational force of his desire to have inherently evil and inevitably corrupting "government" defend him, (Most individuals have been "educated" by government schools to be too weak, ignorant and intellectually lazy to acquire the skills with which to defend themselves).

And, hopefully, you now also know why I consider myself a REAL "born again" anti-statist Anarcho-Christian (as contrasted with easy-belief "pseudo-born-again, keep-right-on-sinning 'cause Jesus loves me so I won't go to hell' government statist "Christians")! In my opinion, 26USC501(c)(3) pseudo-Christianity is a base satan-spawned insult to the Power, Majesty and Glory of Yeshua of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, after whom the metaphoric Aslan is patterned in "The Chronicles of Narnia" written by C.S. Lewis.

As far as personal trivia goes, I love my life, and am unconditionally grateful for it to my Father - Creator — in whose image I am a self-owning, self-governing, self-controlling individual free-will mind. I also enjoy friendship, music, computers, gardening, animals, clogging, reading, writing, teaching, bicycling, hiking, lifting weights, photography, and other things most "normal" people like to spend their time doing.

Thanks for reading about me, and do keep checking back as individual-empowering content is continually added to this website!

I can be reached at john@johnwilkenson.com.

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