Two websites that could change the world

I can think of two websites which, if constructed and run properly, would change the world as we now know it. You change the world by first taking a close look at yourself and your beliefs, and then freeing your mind of all government-school-induced collectivist delusions.

Nature itself IS inherently a free market because individual humans all have inherent free will and an inherent survival need for freedom. The main problem in the world is that it has beyond memory always bought into the self-serving lies of the autonomous legal profession culture and its hierarchy of unelected judges.

I am the walking talking poster boy who serves as living proof of the autonomous legal profession culture's illegal and immoral monopoly on access to justice. I won an unprecedented 42 USC 1983 violation-of-civil-rights case (John R. Wilkenson vs. U.S. Dept. of Interior, et al., 634 FS 1265), and if I had hired a lawyer to do the work of winning, under the Civil Rights Attorney Fee Awards Act, I would have been compensated for the money I paid to my lawyer. However, having done the work myself, the court said, in effect, my work would not be accorded a monetary value because I did it myself instead of hiring a bar-member lawyer to do it for me. In other words, a house only has monetary value if it is built by a closed-shop union carpenter. Cool, huh?!

The main reason Congress passed the Civil Rights Attorney Fee Awards Act in the first place was to deter government lawlessness. But in the case of a winning nonbar pro se litigant, where is the deterrent against government criminality if bureaucrats can violate the law with impunity and not have to pay? Nonexistent, that's where.

The true story I refer to — locally referred to as the Glade Park Access Controversy — is much too long and complicated to go into in this blog, and will be dealt with at length elsewhere on this website. The point of this particular blog is to describe two websites which could change the world.

The first website would be an anti-lawyer-monopoly website designed to seriously reduce the general public's need for lawyers.

The website would contain, as copy-and-paste MSWord documents, every conceivable type of pleading from every conceivable type of case (probate, divorce, bankruptcy, civil, criminal, etc.) in every conceivable local, state and federal jurisdiction.

These documents are public documents and would be organized, cross-catalogued and indexed according to pleading type, case type, and jurisdiction. That way, the Internet surfer could find the document most suited to his particular situation, copy and paste it into a document on his own computer, change the names, dates, addresses, and any pertinent information necessary to make it his own, and file it in propria persona (pro se) in his own case without having to spend money on a bar-member lawyer.

The website would be free to any user. The idea would also be to create a network of subscribed (free but controlled access) people who are experienced and knowledgeable in the law to flesh out the case cites in every pleading by doing the research necessary to find the controlling on-point U.S. Supreme Court decision for every factual situation and point of law in the pleading.

The result would be phenomenal, because every pleading would automatically contain a federal question because the pro se litigant had included the relevant controlling U.S. Supreme Court decision, and appropriately entered his timely objection when the local jerkweed judge or magistrate, for whatever reason, chose to disregard the law.

First of all, innumerably more people would get a first hand education of just how intellectually corrupt America's out-of-control courts are. Second, if every pro se litigant felt confident that he was correct in the law, plead bargaining would come to a screeching halt. And thirdly, every case would be automatically set up for appeal all the way through both state and federal systems. America's court systems couldn't handle the pressure. SUBSTANTIVE reform would become inescapable.

The second website which would change the world is a website where like-minded individuals with a strong work ethic (but no money) could network and pool resources to build viable pools of capital with which to start businesses and escape the "labor resource" rut.

You may have read about how refugee families, escaping from Castro's tyranny in Cuba, come to America, live two dozen to the house, eat rice and beans, work two or three minimum-wage jobs apiece until they can get better, and pool there money. In five years they own a bank and they all have great jobs in a business they all own. That's the American dream. That's pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. But it can only be done by mutual cooperation, because the "system" is stacked against lone wolf so-called "labor resources" (workers) and the homeless.

However, if there were a website, organized nationally in every state, county, city and town, so that disenfranchised workers could network, and, per the example of the Cuban refugee families, live two dozen per two-bedroom house, eat rice and beans, work entry-level jobs and build pools of capital, it would be possible for the laboring classes to outwit the government parasite classes and change America's current socialist entitlement culture back into a "can do" free-market-based American Dream culture of individual freedom and self-sufficiency- based entrepreneurship.

So come on all you bright young and geeky programmers and website builders out there in cyberspace, don't you know that, as Machiavelli told us in "The Prince", nothing could possible be more exciting and dangerous than trying to change the established order? What else were you doing with your life, anyway? Why not drive Big Brother crazy and, from your mothers' basements, build the websites that could save the world? You might just get rich, plus it's what Jesus would do if he were a computer geek. I would do it, too — if I had your technical expertise!

Don't let the tyrant-minded arch-criminal sociopaths of the earth remain victorious in high places in "government." There is no such real thing as "government" anyway. "Government" is merely professionally skilled deceivers. "Government" is merely the dominant members (aka "leaders") of the suicidally stupid, inherently evil and inevitably corrupting never-ending pecking order struggle of the human species. So, just say "No!" to "government."

Individual freedom rules! Big Brother, One-Ring, nanny-government, control-freak socialism drools! As Captain Picard would say about the two websites that could save the world, "Make it so!"