WARNING: The dominant members of the stupid-human pecking order who call themselves "government" do not like to be exposed as being the revisionist-history liars they are. Nor do they like to be called the liars they are. I have actually heard (yes, that's with my own ears) a state district court judge say to a litigant, "I don't care about your constitutional rights", in exactly those words. Interestingly, that same arrogant jerk fell off a cliff and was killed while mountain climbing solo a short time later. Karma, perhaps? It gives me at least some comfort to think that might be possible. The following information, although historically accurate, will almost certainly result in your personal persecution, impoverishment, imprisonment, and possible torture and destruction by murderous judges from the "Webster-Thayer-Joseph-Gary-'railroad-'em'" school of judicial philosophy if you try to go into the federal court system and make these arguments. This is a sad story that will be remain true until a sufficient percentage of the American people become sufficiently educated to the issue, and sufficiently angry, to implement the judicial reform amendment to the federal constitution that will be necessary to settle the lying revisionist-history judges' hash and force their "special needs" little genie selves back inside the bottle of the U.S. Constitution! You have been forewarned: it is FAR safer to remain anonymous than to march into court and pretend the U.S. Constitution actually means what it provably says. The unspoken axiom of ALL courts is: the judge can do whatever s/he pleases! Ignore this warning at your peril. There are all kinds of sadists in the "law enforcement" community who would love to make you suffer if you start getting "uppity" with their black-robed masters.

DISCLAIMER: Therefore the following historically accurate material is NOT to be construed as legal advice under ANY circumstances. Nor is it to be construed as any kind of attempt, direct or indirect, to encourage or solicit any person to violate any federal, state, or local law. If any person/s have any questions regarding the law relevant to political speech, see Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969) (unanimous court), and Meyer v Grant, 486 US 414 (1988) (unanimous court). This material is presented on this website SOLELY as religious (see United States v. Ballard, 322 U.S. 78 (1944)), philosophical, educational and political information, the open, free and vigorous discussion of which expressly protected by the 1st Amendment freedoms of thought, speech and association. :-)

"That the power to tax involves the power to destroy . . . is a proposition not to be denied." — Chief Justice John Marshall in M'Culloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. (4 Wheaton) 316 (1819).

"'We must never forget,' said Mr. Chief Justice Marshall in McCulloch v. Maryland, 4 Wheat. 316, 407 4 L. Ed. 579, 'that it is a Constitution we are expounding.' Since then this court has repeatedly sustained the exercise of power by Congress, under various clauses of that instrument, over objects of which the fathers could not have dreamed (emphasis added - JRW). See Pensacola Telegraph Co. v. Western Union Telegraph Co., 96 U.S. 1, 9 (1877); Northern Pacific Ry. Co. v. North Dakota, 250 U.S. 135 (1919), 39 S. Ct. 502; Dakota Central Telephone Co. v. South Dakota, 250 U.S. 163 (1919), 39 S. Ct. 507, 4 A. L. R. 1623; Brooks v. United States, 267 U.S. 432 (1925), 45 S. Ct. 345, 37 A. L. R. 1407." — Mr. Justice Louis Brandeis dissenting in Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928).

So, as you can see folks, it's not just some malcontent layman whining about "government" violating the intent of the Founders! Justice Brandeis didn't like it either, and he's far from being history's only law-profession culture star who has objected to such usurpations. What I am going to say here may seem too "radical" and "wave-makey" to suit some readers. But it is 100% ACCURATE documented historical fact.

There are certain undeniable facts about "government" and the legal-profession culture which the public is generally unaware of. It has been said many times, hyperbolically of course, that if the public was aware of the whole truth they would storm Washington D.C. with pitchforks and baseball bats, and there would be politicians and judges hanging from every tree! Arguably the most important of those undeniable FACTS is that during the Federal Convention of 1787 which decided on the intent, meaning and written words of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison1 and the other Founders voted 9-2 in favor of denying to the federal government the power of ever "emitting bills of credit" (printing paper money). The words "emit bills of credit" were actually in the proposed language of Article I Section 8 dealing with the powers of Congress, and, after some discussion, the Founders voted to delete them. Not only that, but regarding the 8/28/1787 debate on Article I, Section 10, James Madison wrote2: “Mr. Wilson & Mr. Sherman moved to insert after the words ‘coin money’ the words ‘nor emit bills of credit, nor make any thing but gold & silver coin a tender in payment of debts’ MAKING THESE PROHIBITIONS ABSOLUTE, INSTEAD OF MAKING THE MEASURES ALLOWABLE (as in the XIlIart:) WITH THE CONSENT OF THE LEGISLATURE OF THE U.S." (Emphasis added - JRW.) The Founders voted 8-1 with 1 vote divided in favor of adding the words to Article I, Section 10 and making the prohibition against paper money absolute. Didn't know that, barring the proper due-process passage of a constitutional amendment per Article V, the American government is not allowed to print paper money — did you?!

The begin to understand the life-and-death importance of this issue, it is helpful to read the impressively comprehensive "Analysis of the Federal Income Tax" prepared by a group of constitutionalists known as "We The People", and read the exhaustively complete constitutional analysis of U.S. monetary law titled "Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution", by Harvard law professer Edwin Vieira.

What does all this mean? I'll tell you what it means. Nothing could possibly be of more mind bogglingly monumental importance regarding what kind of a country America is supposed to be. What all that means is that all the lying, manipulative, revisionist history IRS agents, U.S. Attorneys, federal judges, and, yes, ignorant "you have to pay your fair share of taxes" numbnuts jury members who have been fining, imprisoning, terrorizing, and even murdering, innocent citizens for merely believing too hard in human government and daring to try to stand up to an utterly corrupt and tyrannical "system"  to stick up for what they KNOW TO A MORAL CERTAINTY to be their constitutional rights are a bunch of dangerous, anarchistic, amoral, elitist, animalistic, politically-manipulative, control-freak con artists. It is not for nothing Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote his book, "A Nation of Sheep"!

Heading the list of this pack of lying vermin are the majority of Supreme Court justices on the Grant-packed court who, less than a year after the previous Supreme Court majority had spoken the historical truth in Hepburn v. Griswold 75 U.S. (8 Wallace) 606 (Feb 7, 1870), decided to revise history and tell the American public their pro-paper-money lie in Legal Tender Cases (Knox v. Lee, Parker v. Davis), 79 U.S. (12 Wallace) 457 (1870). A short while later they expanded their revisionist-history lie in Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 (1884).

If you are the kind of "dumbed down by government schools" numbnuts who has a proclivity for demonizing the messenger without having to be 100% sure of your facts, then you are exactly the kind of numbnuts who is responsible for the fascist neo-feudalist government we now suffer under. Read on and weep. You — (the potential jury who possessed the power of jury nullification3) — of all people need to understand what an immoral and outright fraud the so-called "fair share of your taxes" is when juxtapositioned against the present debt-based fiat monetary structure and its fraudulent "income tax" enforcement-by-terror Sturmabteilung-type brownshirt beaurocracy, the Nazi-like jackboot IRS.

The United States has become, and currently is, a full blown fascist neo-feudalistic "globalist" police state, in which the life, liberty and property of the citizen is at risk for simply speaking the truth about America's provably unconstitutional debt-based fiat monetary and taxation structure. The entire "system", including federal judges,will lie, do lie, and routinely have lied, about the "system" since before the Civil War. Free speech itself is in deadly peril, and if we are to avoid losing our right to freed speech, we have no choice but to use it vigorously and fearlessly. Accordingly, the information linked to in this website is presented for purely informational, educational, and political purposes. More than a few American citizens have been falsely imprisoned, tortured, and even murdered by various agents, employees and officers of the U.S. "government". to keep the evil system of tyranny and de facto direct taxation on labor in place and the masses "dumbed down" on behalf of the blatantly unconstitutional elitst, "globalist", fascist, neo-feudalistic international banking cartel. What the reader chooses to do with the information linked to on this website is his/her own business. The information linked to is public information which every citizen should know and spread to others before a realistic hope can be entertained of remedying the situation and returning to full compliance with the U.S. Constitution.

"UNAUTHORIZED" POLITICAL ADVICE: Rahab's lie was honored of God (Jas 2:25). Be advised that such as IRS agents, FBI agents, CIA agents, Secret Service agents, BATF agents, U.S. Attorneys, U.S. Marshalls and federal judges are powerful and dangerous individuals. In my opinion — in view of the significant number of people who have, in a sheer absence of all due process and equal protection of law, gone to jail, been tortured, been murdered, or otherwise been destroyed simply for trying to stick up for the truth of history against the evil minions of an evil monetary and taxation system — it is highly advisable for most people to simply pretend that all the government's provable lies are the truth when filling out their tax forms — at least until they become sufficiently educated to no longer be susceptible to the fear foisted upon them by a deliberately evil and corrupt system. The best way to avoid conflict with the fascist, neo-feudalist criminals who call themselves "government" is to keep your head down, blend with everybody else, and don't make waves. The God I believe in will not condemn any person for failing to walk to the head of the line, stick his head in the bucket of water and drown himself "like a good little Jew" on behalf of some fascist neo-feudalistic "globalist" police state apparatchiks such as the above mentioned "law" enforcement agents and federal judges.

Any individual who should ever choose to fight corrupt government needs to know the individual has ONLY two reliably effective tools: 1) anonymity, and 2) willingness to die for the cause. The dominant members of the stupid-human pecking order struggle who call themselves "government" are absolutley terrified of those two things! Furthermore, the "governments" bagmen, corrupt judges, know this full well, which is why they have turned "the people's" courthouses into literal security-smothered Bastilles. Be advised that if the government knows who you are, you are dead meat. If you are the least bit susceptible to government terror, you are also doomed before you start.

There is a phenomenon I like to call the "Mission Dilemma" after the Roland Joffé movie, "The Mission", starring Robert De Niro as Rodrigo Mendoza, a warrior-spirit soldier type, and Jeremy Irons as Father Gabriel a gentle-spirited Jesuit priest.

Each man fought the evil of tyranny in his own way, Rodrigo with the violence of the sword, and Father Gabriel with nonviolence holding a cross in front of him. Both the soldier and the pacifist were killed by the forces of evil for daring to oppose them. The only difference is one man was swinging a sword and the other man was holding up a cross. So which method is superior for the purposes of opposing corrupt and tyrannical "government" — violence or nonviolence? Who has the moral high ground, the noble warrior, or the noble pacifist? I believe it is for each individual to decide on a case-by-case basis under the circumstances he finds himself in.

For myself, I am committed to nonviolence at least in part because, by publishing this educational and informational  free-speech website, I have given up the weapon of anonymity. Nonviolence also seems to suit my personality and the non-athletic physical condition (diabetic) of my "senior citizen" (born in 1944) status better.

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." — Dante

"If man will only realize that it is unmanly to obey laws that are unjust, no man's tyranny will enslave him." — Mahatma Gandhi

"If our God Whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, He will deliver us out of your hand, O king. But if not, let it be known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the golden image which you have set up!" — Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Da 3:16, 17)


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Federal Judiciary - These are the wonderful folks of fantastically upright moral character who brought you The Big Lie, who perpetuate it to this day, and who, with Gerald Ford's help, helped coverup the truth about JFK's assassination, and who ordered the demolition, destruction and burial of the evidence contained in the bombed-out remains of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Credible experts say there is no way the support beams were sheared off by a so-called "fertilizer bomb". Also, seismographs showed two explosions, not one. Like 9/11, to any open mind, the demolition was OBVIOUSLY a professional job. Of course, Timothy McVeigh was hastily executed so he could never change his mind and tell the whole story and embarrass the government.

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U.S. Marshals "Service" - These are the guys who tortured former U.S. Congressman George Hansen with "diesel therapy" at a federal judge's request merely for daring to write the anti-IRS book, "To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power" (ISBN-10: 999446647X, ISBN-13: 978-9994466474). The torture was based on The Big Lie, of course.


1. See my essay, "The Big Lie".

2. See my essay, "The Big Lie".

3. "It may not be amiss, here, Gentlemen, to remind you of the good old rule that on questions of fact, it is the province of the jury; on questions of law it is the province of the court to decide. But it must be observed that by the same law which recognizes this reasonable distribution of jurisdiction, you have nevertheless a right to take upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy. On this and on every other occasion, however, we have no doubt you will pay that respect which is due to the opinion of the court: for, as on the one hand, it is presumed, that juries are the best judges of facts, it is, on the other hand, presumable that the court is the best judge of law. But still both objects are lawfully, within your power of decision." — Chief Justice John Jay in Georgia v. Brailsford, 3 U.S. (3 Dallas) 1 (1794). Does anybody give a damn about what a bunch of lying revisionist-history judges have said on the subject since John Jay's intellectually honest and historically accurate proclamation?

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