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My characterization here might seem unfair to some, especially those individuals I am painting with the broad brush of "Statist Anti-Individual Freedom," because they're pretty sure they're not against individual freedom. But let's face it folks, ignoring the sins of the so-called "right" for a moment (we'll deal with those elsewhere in this website), at the end of the day, after all the manipulative talking points and blather, most so-called "liberals" and the so-called "left" are nothing more or less than run-of-the-mill statist socialists who strive mightily to use sophistry and false promises of "something-for- nothing" to compete for the political power with which to steal your money and redistribute it to somebody else, after first putting a healthy portion of the loot into their own pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-altruistic pockets. They aren't Makers. They are Takers, some of whom pretend to be Givers by giving away part of the loot they have stolen from you, the individual.

Many on both "left" and "right" are, in actuality, de facto Fascists/Neofeudalists. The great deception of the Fascist/Neofeudalist is this: first he uses simplistic and misleading collectivist (socialistic and/or communistic) arguments of police power to justify wealth redistribution and appeal to the indolent, the greedy, the unfortunate, and the altruistic; then, having prevailed in the arena of public opinion and acquired the Power of political office to redistribute wealth (labor), he steals it from the taxpayer and uses capitalistic free-enterprise liberty and property rights arguments to put the lion's share of the loot into his own privately owned corporate and bureaucratic pockets (and secret Swiss bank accounts). Be sure to let me know when such as Bill & Hill, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry & Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, Jon Corzine, Ted Turner, Ariana Huffington,ad infinitum, per Jesus' admonition to the rich young ruler, sell ALL they have (not just part, some, most, or nearly all, while still maintaining their control over the deception- based "system"), give the money to the poor, and start following Jesus. Guess what, cousin, it ain't gonna happen!  Doesn't it seem just a wee bit inconsistent for all these rich statist control freaks to want to redistribute your money instead of their own? It sure does to me!

Hey, what can I say? Maybe, in the context of the totality of information contained on this website, my characterization won't seem unfair at all.

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